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Author: Wendy Victora Rudman

Milton man pulls Fort Walton mayor out of burning car

A Milton tow truck driver is being hailed as “Our Hero – Our Angel” by the mayor of Fort Walton Beach’s family after saving him and his wife from a burning vehicle.

Mayor Dick Rynearson and his wife, Janey, were heading to a gas station off Interstate 10 near Live Oak Jan. 26 when their car was t-boned and burst into flames.

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Navarre Beach has ‘big parking problem’

Events sponsored by nonprofit groups on Navarre Beach, especially during the high season, came under fire at last week’s Tourist Development Council meeting. Specifically, concerns were expressed about these events taking up parking spaces, a particularly valuable commodity now that tourism has increased threefold in the last half-dozen years.

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God speaks in mysterious ways: Pastor Ronnie Beaden serves Crestview church through puppet ministry

Pastor Ronnie Bearden’s puppet ministry started with a soft, pastel-colored stuffed glow worm that he snatched off a crib in the church nursey on his way into preschool chapel.

It was the first day of school, the children were crying and whining, and he realized that what he had prepared wasn’t going to fly. So, he improvised, unzipping the toy’s back, ripping out the battery pack and naming him Eddie.

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