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Holiday rashes and dry skin during the winter months

The hustle and bustle is upon us and holiday stress tends to spread to the skin. Long to-do lists, extra family to feed and finding the perfect gift all adds anxiety to our lives, which in turn affects our skin. We call these holiday rashes and it’s more than just dry skin.

Board-certified dermatologist Dr. John Phillips of Dermatology Specialists of Florida has seen an influx of skin conditions during winter months.

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Voters approved the sales tax, now what

Voters approved the sales tax, now what?

Santa Rosa County voters handed local officials $45 million of revenue when they approved extending the half cent local option sales tax for another five years.

Now those officials must decide what they’re going to do with cash as it starts to roll in. In a lot of ways, the answer is the same as it was for the last five years of sales tax revenue, said County Administrator Dan Schebler.

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Blackwater prisoner kills cellmate to secure death penalty

Blackwater inmate kills cellmate to secure death penalty

A circuit court judge sentenced a Blackwater Correctional inmate to death Nov. 24 after he strangled his cellmate to death in hopes of receiving the death penalty.

Thomas Fletcher, 53, was serving a life sentence in Blackwater State Prison for a prior murder in 2018 when he strangled Kenneth Davis to death in their cell in the early morning hours. Fletcher confessed to the crime and plead guilty, waiving his rights to hearings in the hopes that he would secure death.

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Unemployment back down in Santa Rosa

Local unemployment rate dips

Santa Rosa County’s unemployment rate has reached pre-COVID-19 levels, making it the third lowest unemployment rate in the state, according to the latest numbers from the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.

Non-seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for the county dropped to 3.8% in November, the same rate that was touted with excitement back in 2019. The county got down to 2.8% before the pandemic came crashing in.  

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Business on 87 gets boost from detour

Businesses on 87 get boost from detour

It’s not been a great year for most small retailers.

Forced closures due to COVID-19 were costly to bottom lines, creating weeks of zero income unless business owners to could move online. Many did not have the capital to do it, and they temporarily shuttered.

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Second waste hauler approved for county

Second waste hauler approved for county

Waste Pro’s monopoly of Santa Rosa County trash collection ended before it could begin as county commissioners Nov. 24 unanimously approved another hauler’s permit appeal.

Waste Pro was set to take over as the only collector in Santa Rosa County Jan. 1 thanks to a contract with the county, but with the approval, Adams Sanitation will be scooping up about 3,000 of their roughly 26,000 would-be customers.

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Brown reflects on legacy, passes torch to son

Property appraiser’s office to change hands

The story of 20 years of service line the walls of Gregory Brown senior’s office at the Santa Rosa County Property Appraisers.

Achievements share the walls of his office with photos of his family, including pictures of his son, Gregory Brown, Jr., who will take over as property appraiser in January from a no-contest election.

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