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Stories by Mladen Rudman

Stories by Mladen Rudman

New mission statement, park in works for Holley by the Sea

September 22, 2021
The Holley by the Sea Board of Directors encouraged two of its member-led organizations to continue planning for the future.

Commissioners vote to help fund Jay park

August 18, 2021
Despite persistent effort, a commissioner was unable to delay the Santa Rosa Board of County Commissioners from voting to give a municipality in his district $1 million toward construction of a park.

Commission appoints liaison to citizen water protection groups

May 5, 2021
The Santa Rosa Board of County Commissioners designated District 3 Commissioner James Calkins as its liaison to water protection civic groups that formed, in part, to oppose a now shelved proposal to allow more or expanded borrow pit mining in the 27,000-acre East Milton Area Wellfield Protection Overlay District.

Grassroots watershed protection group formed

March 20, 2021
The encounter between a water supply protection activist and the Santa Rosa Commission was cordial, but there was posturing for events that might reemerge such as expanding borrow pit mining in the East Milton Area Wellfield Protection Overlay District.

Calkins wants to expand commission role in code enforcement

March 16, 2021
District 3 Commissioner James Calkins continued his strident advocacy for constituents fined $123 for mulch pile maintenance and trash and debris violations more than 15 months ago, though the issue is moving toward resolution based on an earlier decision by the county board.

Prospects improve for local politician recall law

March 13, 2021
District 3 State Rep. Jayer Williamson (R-Pace) has introduced a Florida constitution amendment that would make recall of county commissioners and county officers such as the sheriff or tax collector a statewide right.

Long-damaged Navarre Beach home to be repaired

February 23, 2021
The owner of the “Turner House,” a large, Hurricane Ivan-battered and deteriorating beach house at 7315 Gulf Boulevard on Santa Rosa Island has agreed to make the property suitable for human habitation.

Water management district lends Calkins a hand

February 23, 2021

Santa Rosa County District 3 Commissioner James Calkins floated his “Protecting Water and Saving Jobs Initiative” as a supplement to the Comprehensive Plan borrow pit expansion amendment that the county now seems to be abandoning.

However, the initiative could become part of what the county does next, if commissioners vote Feb. 25 2021, to drop the borrow pit issue as it is currently.

Officials: Code enforcement needs some ‘teeth’

February 18, 2021

Santa Rosa County growth pains include garbage and construction materials dumping along roads, land clearing erosion control, and poor maintenance of flood prevention ponds.

To mitigate, if not stop, pollution caused by some homeowners and businesses, one resident at a recent board of county commissioners working session admonished the commissioners to “use the only hammer the county has” – fines.

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