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Stories by Michael Bannon

Stories by Michael Bannon

For God’s Sake: Old garments

December 6, 2023
My closet has been the longtime home of two shirts. Like the best of friends, they literally have had my back through thick and thin offering their familiar and comfortable embrace. Cotton. Soft. A comfy fit. They are my favorite shirts.

For God’s Sake: be like Jesus

November 29, 2023
I have an idol…well, not really an idol, but a TV character whom I jokingly claim to be my hero. His name is Onslow, and he is the brother-in-law of Hyacinth Bucket, much to her chagrin. The TV show is “Keeping Up Appearances,” a Brit-com in which Hyacinth, a matronly woman with working-class roots, desperately tries to prove to everyone that she is upper class. “It’s Boo-kay!” she corrects with exasperation whenever anyone correctly pronounces her last name as “Bucket.” Her henpecked husband, Richard, resignedly goes along with her elaborate attempts to put on airs. Unfortunately, her relatives keep showing up.

For God’s Sake: Soli Deo Gloria

November 22, 2023
Despite the Christmas decorations in department stores, it is Thanksgiving Day, the day which, in theory, we give thanks. The question that sits before us like the proverbial, giant turkey in the room into which no one dares slice, is: “To whom are we giving thanks?” If you gather on this holiday with family and friends to enjoy an abundant table laden with the traditional fare and someone asks that question, how would you answer?

For God’s Sake: He called me

November 13, 2023
My wife and I are not “beach people.” We could be living in Nebraska for the few times we have been to the beach in the last five years. It takes having out of town company to get us there. Our attitude was the same when we lived in Naples, Fl, for twelve years, and before that when we lived in Jupiter, Fl. In fact, we have lived in Florida for most of our adult lives. The question going through your mind right now is, “Why?” Two words – God’s call.

For God’s Sake: Trust in Christ

November 6, 2023
It has happened again despite our best efforts to stave off such travesties. We purchased bags of candy anticipating a steady stream of costumed neighborhood kids and only a handful of them showed up. Now we are “stuck with” a large bowl of some of my favorite candy. Oh, the horror!

For God’s Sake: Learn Truth

October 30, 2023
These days, I am toting two smartphones, one is my personal phone, the other is the church phone. Friends raise their eyebrows whenever I lay my two phones on a table at restaurants. They give me a subtle, amused look that says, “Somebody sure thinks he’s important.” Thankfully, I am not all that important, so having two phones has not resulted in twice as many phone calls.

For God’s Sake: Preach the Word

October 23, 2023
A few weeks ago, I celebrated one more birthday by adding another notch to my belt. You see, each year on my birthday, my one request of my wife is that she prepare for me an obscene quantity of my favorite food – spaghetti with a cheesy bechamel sauce. My request always presents a moral dilemma for her, pitting her love for me against her concern for my health; that dish would be high on any cardiologist’s list of foods to avoid.

For God’s Sake: Worship God in spirit and in truth

October 16, 2023
Every week for the past 35 years of ministry, I have thought about what is essential in corporate worship. I am a musician, and when I came to faith in Christ in a small, south Florida church, I naturally volunteered to be in the choir.

For God’s Sake: The true God remains unchanged

October 9, 2023
In this morning’s news, nestled among the latest updates on Taylor Swift’s love life, was an article reporting the growing number of America’s non-religious.
Pollsters have been reporting on the growth of the “nones” for decades.

For God’s Sake: Serving a hungry congregation

October 2, 2023
In 2005, celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver, launched a bold initiative to improve the substandard quality of food served to children in Britain’s school cafeterias.
A decade later he reported that his initiative failed because, bottom line, the kids didn’t want the nutritional food he was promoting, they liked what they were getting.
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