Author: Brian Lester

Sandle getting ready for next month’s MLB Draft

After an NCAA tournament run in which the memories of it will remain in place forever, Michael Sandle now shifts his attention to the potential of being taken in July’s Major League Baseball Draft.

Sandle just completed his fourth season  in the lineup at the University of South Alabama, helping the Jaguars reach the NCAA tournament, and the former Navarre Raider is ready for the possibility of becoming a pro.

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Brian Out Loud

There are always different paths available to the same destination, and often the same result, and that is exactly what college football is shooting for as it looks into blazing a new trail to a championship.

The current playoff format is four teams. Save for an exception here or there, it’s typically the same teams competing for a title year after year, with Alabama, of course, being the safest bet in the game.

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