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Beach Road Damages
Feb 8, 2021

Beach Road Damages

Hurricane Sally caused a lot of damage to the asphalt in between Navarre and Pensacola Beach. In some parts of the beach road, it even appears as if a meteor had landed on the edge of the road.

Feb 8, 2021

Photo of the Day

Fresh week. Fresh start. Happy Monday Navarre. Today’s Photo of the Week was submitted by Theresa Adkisson. Can anyone identify this shell?

Mom throwing kid in the air
Feb 7, 2021

Sunrise from Bridge
Feb 6, 2021

Photo of the Day

Good morning Navarre, a.k.a. paradise. Showers are possible today, so keep an eye on the radar. Here’s a reminder of how beautiful our sunsets can be. Today’s Photo of the Day was taken by Jeremy Dykes.

Kid on Pier
Feb 5, 2021

Photo of the Day

It’s Friday Navarre! Rain is in the forecast so grab your umbrella as you head out the door. Enjoy today’s Photo of the Day, which displays the the wonder of a child on Navarre Beach Fishing Pier, submitted by Nicole Shaddix-Olsen.

Feb 4, 2021

Photo of the Day

Air bubbles are held in place on a dolphin’s head just before he breaks the surface at the Navarre Pier. Today’s Photo of the Day was taken by Michael Shepherd with his Nikon D850 camera. If you have any fun photos of marine life, make sure to email them to

Feb 3, 2021

Photo of the Day

When the water forms a heart on Navarre Beach, you know Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Today’s Photo of the Day was taken by Linda Johnson.

footprints on beach
Feb 2, 2021

Photo of the Day

Another cold one today, but at least there will be sunshine. Today’s Photo of the Day was submitted by tourist Nicole Shaddix-Olsen, who got in town last week and is staying for a month to enjoy this sunshine.

Feb 1, 2021

Jan 31, 2021

Photo of the Day

Watch out because you might get wet today. Possible showers are in the forecast all morning but will fizzle out in the afternoon on this final day of January. Today’s Photo of the Day was taken by our very own Front Office Administrator Melissa Johnson (MJ). She said she almost got her camera soaked in the process of taking this neat photo.

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