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Dec 10, 2020

Couple returns shell collection to beach

Gail Pritchett grew up collecting shells and has been fascinated by the hobby her entire life.

When she and her husband, AJ, moved to the Navarre area last year, they began to spend even more time at the beach.

christmas lights
Dec 9, 2020

Competition lighting up Navarre homes, businesses

Christmas is on the horizon, and Navarre’s homes and businesses are decked out for the holiday.

The Navarre Beach Area Chamber of Commerce launched a new event this year celebrating the bright tradition. The Let It Glow Holiday Lights Competition runs now through Dec. 31, featuring businesses and residences done up in lights for the holiday season.

angel tree
Dec 9, 2020

Angel tags left on tree; deadline nears

Navarre area children in need are at risk of not receiving Christmas presents this year.

Dec 7, 2020

Column: Give wasps their space

The low frequency droning is an unmistakable acoustic cue for anything with auditory capabilities. There are times though when the menacing monotone is not present and the pain is a complete surprise.

Dec 7, 2020

Pearl Harbor: ‘We can’t forget our history’

America went to bed the night of Dec. 6, 1941 not knowing the course of the nation’s history would forever change early the next day.

Christmas in the Park
Dec 7, 2020

Christmas on parade ‘bright spot’ for Navarre

It has been a year of many lost traditions, but the Navarre Beach Area Chamber of Commerce held on to a few Saturday as Santa Claus stopped by for his annual visit.

The festive fun kicked off along Presido Street with the 26th annual Navarre Community Christmas Parade. Costumed characters, dancers and riders tossing toys, candy and beads accented this year’s floats. Children and adults in festive wear lined the sides of the streets, spaced out in family groups, to wish the paraders a merry Christmas and snag a few freebies.

Jingle Bell Run 2020
Dec 7, 2020

Jingle Bell Run brings joy for good cause

Snow women in sparkling snowflake tutus, Santa in camouflage and reindeer antlered dogs lined up in 40-degree weather Saturday to dash for a cause in the Jingle Bell Run at Holley Navarre Fire Station 45.

Dec 6, 2020

Let’s say grace

The second annual “Grace’s Place Family Dinner” was held outdoors the afternoon of Nov. 1 on the grounds of Covenant Community Church in Navarre.

A crowd of about 50 attended, with several participating in the featured event, a chili and soup cookoff. The winners were Wendy Justice for the best soup and Alex Ramirez for the best chili, each of whom took home a large gift basket.

American Legion holds annual turkey shoot
Dec 5, 2020

American Legion holds annual turkey shoot

When some folks think of a turkey shoot, they think of shotguns and turkeys dropping in a flurry of feathers.

Last weekend’s 13th annual American Legion Post 382 Turkey Shoot was not like that. Think pellet guns, pictures of turkeys and heading home with a frozen bird for the Thanksgiving Day table.

God calls retired educator back to classroom
Dec 4, 2020

God calls retired educator back to classroom

For 12 years, Bill Emerson has been responsible for the curriculum and instruction of tens of thousands of pre-K to 12th-grade students across Santa Rosa County.

His job title was a mouthful: assistant superintendent for curriculum, instruction and assessment. The work was even more complex, navigating changing state standards, classrooms filled to their capacity and a shifting board of elected bosses.