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Feb 10, 2021

Navarre boy’s first words become his destiny

Not every 10-year-old boy gets off the school bus most days, grabs his yard tools and heads over to his neighbor’s house to see how he can be of assistance that day.

For Navarre boy Nicholas Swanson, this is his routine.

Feb 6, 2021

‘Don’t let your story be affected by your circumstances’

Faith means everything to John Wood. His second book, “Disability Devotionals,” highlights as much.

“I’m a very faithful person, at least I try to be, and this book was written to inspire others to have faith in their situations,” Wood said.

Feb 5, 2021

Parade rolls on in Milton

Milton held its Mardi Gras parade last Saturday. Crowds gathered along the parade route as floats rolled by.

Feb 5, 2021

Students sing to trees: ‘Let it grow’

In late celebration of Florida Arbor Day, which was Jan. 15, two trees were planted on Navarre Beach that are known for growing in sand.

Navarre Garden Club came out and showed high school students from the Marine Science Station program how to properly plant a tree.

Feb 5, 2021

Spirit 03 crew remembered

The 1st Special Operations Wing hosted a 30th anniversary remembrance ceremony for the fallen crew of Spirit 03 at the Hurlburt Field Air Park Jan. 29.

The 14-person crew’s AC-130H Spectre gunship was shot down by an Iraqi surface-to-air missile while conducting a combat mission during Operation Desert Storm, Jan. 31 1991,.

girl scout
Feb 1, 2021

Social distance? No problem for this Girl Scout

With the landscape having changed dramatically due to COVID-19 in the last year, there’s one thing that you might not have noticed is missing.

Girl Scouts have not been selling cookies outside of local grocery stores. That’s left a void for scouts eager to fundraise for activities, as well as folks who want their annual cookie fix.

Jan 28, 2021

Navarre resident set to reach rare birthday milestone

The year Edith Guillot was born, a stamp costs two cents, the world was at war, Albert Einstein just completed his mathematical formulation of general theory of relativity and the National Park Service was created.

Jan 27, 2021

County’s historical gem in funding crisis

It’s been more than two years since then-Governor Rick Scott vetoed archeological funding that helped keep Arcadia Mill running.

Since then, it’s been a struggle.

Jan 27, 2021

Shell Fairies to hide treasures at local beaches

Somewhere in a place most of us will never see, the Shell Fairies are making magic.

Well, actually they’re making art and a little bit of magic.

Tunes by the Dunes
Jan 26, 2021

Navarre Beach concert series planned for 2021

The Navarre Beach Area Chamber of Commerce is planning its popular Tunes By The Dunes Free Summer Concert Series, which did not take place in 2020 due to COVID concerns.

The series is held at the Sand Crab Pavilion, which is east of the Navarre Pier.