Prosecutor drops Broxson probe

The state prosecutor in Tallahassee has closed his investigation into a complaint that State Sen.-elect Doug Broxson violated a campaign law involving special interest groups during his successful race against Mike Hill.

“I don’t see this going anywhere,” said State Attorney Willie Meggs in a phone interview with the Navarre Press. “I don’t see that there has been any violation.”

Gov. Rick Scott assigned Meggs to look into a complaint filed by Hill supporter James Calkins of Navarre two weeks before the Aug. 30 election. The complaint alleged that Broxson threatened to collude with well-heeled political action committees to gain more financial support if Hill didn’t stop his negative campaign ads.

But the voice mail that Broxson left on Hill’s phone didn’t make the threat clear or name a specific PAC.

“If he said they might give him more help, that’s just politics,” said Meggs, who added that he would soon notify both Calkins and the governor about his decision against bringing a charge against Broxson.

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