Holley-Navarre Primary Teacher of the Year

In her seventh year of teaching, Thomin is Holley-Navarre Primary’s Teacher of the Year. “I was very surprised and I feel so honored to have that. I’m surrounded by amazing teachers at this school so this is very, very nice,” Thomin said.

Thomin exudes passion for her job even when she is talking about it, and that kind of fervor translates to her students. “I love what I do and feel very fulfilled doing it,” she said. Very earnestly she adds, “I just want to make learning fun for the kids.”

Thomin teaches first graders, and she says they are her favorite. “And they think I’m the coolest person,” she says with a laugh. It’s no wonder why they would think that. On any given day, they meet new characters who help them learn. Thomin often uses costumes to draw the attention of her students. “I like to dress up as characters,” Thomin says. “I was in acting in high school and now I get to use that in the classroom. It helps engage the kids and we have a lot of fun with it.”

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