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Your CBD Store launches Above and Beyond lines

Your CBD Store is pushing the boundaries of how much THC is allowed in its products.

The store recently launched their Above and Beyond lines with higher levels of THC, elevating the relief offered to customers.

The Above line is a fuller spectrum product that contains Delta-8.

“It’s a new compound that they’ve come out with that is synthesized from CBD that’s a little bit milder, that tends to be a little bit better for people that are really sensitive to THC,” Manager Ben Nelson said.

The Beyond line is the Delta-9 product line that contains the most legal THC possible.

Most of Your CBD Store’s THC products lie around 0.1% THC, where the new Beyond product line carries 0.3% THC.

“Our 5 milligram THC gummies are really effective because 10 milligram THC gummies is the maximum you can have with a medical card here,” Ben said. “This is half the strength that you can get medical here, and you don’t even need a medical card.”

The Beyond comes two different types – indica or sativa.

“So, the sativa is super upper and gives you a ton of energy. The indica actually does the opposite. It makes you tired and sedates you,” Ben said.

In hemp, there are 115 known cannabinoids, or compounds that include the active constitutes of cannabis. They do different things in the body, and they do different things when they team up together.

“People have heard of CBD – that’s the popular one. And people have heard of THC – that’s the one that gets you high,” owner Will Nelson said.

Delta-8 and Delta-9 products come in many shapes and sizes at the store, such as under the tongue sprays, water-soluble oil tincture droppers, vape cartridges and even fruit cocktail flavored gummies. Some of the most popular vape cartridge flavors include Hawaiian Haze, Golden Pineapple and Blue Dream.

“Basically, we are offering a product that is competitive with medical marijuana, in terms of how much relief you’re getting,” Ben said.

The Delta-9 products cut nausea better than anything else. It helps tremendously with spasms, tremors and restless leg, anxiety and insomnia.

“And it’s an analgesic; it works like a natural pain killer,” Ben said.

The CBD products sold in the store do not require a prescription to purchase, and independent lab reports are available on all products simply by scanning the QR code with your phone. The lab reports are also available in the store to research the information for yourself.

Every Monday, Your CBD Store in Navarre offers 20% off for anyone age 55 or older. Free samples are also offered at Your CBD Store so people can witness the effects firsthand.

“We want to thank everyone for their support and for allowing us to be their CBD retailer,” Ben said. “And for us to be able to help them find that path to relief.”

Note: Do not drive motorized vehicles or operate heavy machinery while using THC products.

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