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Letters: Who’s in Charge?

What’s goin’ on in Milton?  Who’s in charge?  We’ve got campaign contributors running the Board. Zoning Board votes being ignored.

Votes to approve overdevelopment while infrastructure needs go unaddressed.

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Guest Editorial: The answer to Santa Rosa’s water crisis

Over the past several months, Santa Rosa’s politics have been inflamed by heated debates concerning the county’s water supply.

The arguments largely concern local developers and their practice of digging sand. The practice leaves large holes or “borrow pits” that many experts say are hazardous to our underlying water sources.

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Letters: Trump and Navarre Beach Bridge not a good fit

Navarre Beach enjoys a healthy tourism trade which we have to do our best to protect and nourish. The article states that the reason this petition was even started was because of the work Trump did while in office. Even though the Trump supporters feel he has done a good job, the majority of U.S. registered voters who voted in the election do not believe he did. Biden did win the popular vote by more than 7 million votes (51.4%). We can’t dismiss the following beliefs the Biden supporters have of the work Trump did while in office:

Right now, he is running the biggest con this country has ever seen, spreading false accusations about voter fraud, which there is absolutely no proof. He has collected over $200 million from supporters who believe the money is for his legal fights. Trump has convinced them he can overturn the election, which he cannot.  However, he will use this money for whatever purpose he wants to use it for. Undermining the election is doing irreparable harm to this country while lining his pockets.

Trump has mis-managed the pandemic, calling it a hoax and making it more deadly than it needed to be. He has turned wearing masks into a political statement.  He couldn’t protect even his own White House staff from getting COVID.

Trump is a wannabe dictator who puts loyalty to him ahead of his own appointees telling the truth and doing what they swore they would do.  He has repeatedly taken the word of Russian President Vladimir Putin over his own U.S. intelligence agencies. He has done nothing over the reports Putin paid bounties for US soldiers and war-level cyberattacks that his own intelligence agencies have reported Russia is responsible for. 

Trump thumbs his nose at the rule of law, undermining our democracy. He has attacked judges on rulings with which he has disagreed. 

Trump incites hate and bigotry. He has called white supremacists “very fine people.”  He has divided this country and has sent racial tensions in this country back 50 years.

Regardless of whether or not you believe these five points to be true, we cannot dismiss the fact that many, many non-Trump supporters do believe it.

Even though Trump won Santa Rosa County by a huge margin (72.4%), there is much more to consider in deciding if the bridge should be renamed. Santa Rosa County Tourist Development Director Julie White (told another news source) that the top five Navarre Beach market areas come from Houston (Biden 56.0%), Atlanta (Biden 83.1%), Dallas (Biden 64.9%), Nashville (Biden 64.5%), New York City (Biden 72.6%) and New Orleans (83.1%) in this order.  

Let’s not politicize Navarre Beach. It should be obvious by these election returns from the top 5 Navarre Beach market areas that renaming the Navarre Beach Bridge in Trump’s honor will adversely affect Navarre Beach’s tourist trade.

John Pizzolato

Navarre Beach Resident

Editorial: Don’t gamble with our water supply

There are clearly two halves to Santa Rosa County, with a lot of open land in between along with a few homes and businesses.

There is south Santa Rosa County, known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant tourism, as well as being a “bedroom community” for about 70,000 residents. North Santa Rosa has more agriculture, history and a beautiful tannin-stained, spring fed river winding through it.

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Letter to the Editor: Election over, time to move forward

Finally, we are getting some direction and action from a federal level on fighting the pandemic and economic restoration, after electing a new president and vice president for our country.

My heart goes out to the many business owners hurt by the misdirection and lies we as a country have received from the defeated administration.

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