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Sandpaper Marketing partners with technology expert James DiPilla

James DiPilla has loved computers since he was a child. He got his first Toshiba laptop as a Christmas gift at age 13. By the age of 15, he fixed the laptop by ordering parts off eBay.

“I’ve always been passionate about technology and the way it shapes our future,” James said.

He turned his passion into his own business in his early 20s.

“IT and websites are my bread and butter, just how they come together and make businesses successful,” James said.

Recently, James has partnered with Sandpaper Marketing full time as its new Chief Technology Officer.

“It just made sense to partner and go all in with Sandpaper Marketing to really combine our forces and become a huge, powerful player in the industry, not just locally, but nationwide,” he said.

James has been working alongside Sandpaper Marketing and Navarre Press for seven years, helping with IT needs, fixing computers and speeding up servers. More recently, he has worked with Sandpaper Marketing on how websites are made and maintained and all the technical aspects that come along with that.

“I think the real driving factor was there’s so much potential in what we’ve created together that we really need to start working together to see that come to fruition,” he said.

Sandpaper Marketing focuses on improving and streamlining all the technology that goes into the running of a business, to increase sales and revenue and cut costs. That includes computers, software, mobile apps, websites and marketing technology.

“In order to compete in today’s age, you’ve got to have technology and you’ve got to leverage it. You really need a website and a system that reflects your brand and your capabilities,” he said.

He has witnessed firsthand what a good website can do for a company, and he believes in what Sandpaper Marketing has to offer.

“I believe strongly that our product is among the best that’s out there,” James said. “Because I’ve worked with so many different kinds of software and coding frameworks, and we’ve really developed a solid platform for creating business websites and making their focus ROI, return on investment.”

Sandpaper Marketing will track the metrics of your website, so you can measure its success. If a website’s not going to make money, then it’s not much use to a business, James said.

“Having a website that can track all those data points of finding out who’s coming to the website, how much time are they spending on the website, where are they going, where are they looking, what are they clicking on,” he said. “Having all those metrics is very important to be able to decide where you spend your money because you can’t just throw a bunch of money into marketing and hope it works out. You really have to pick and choose what’s working best.”

The future of Sandpaper Marketing is big. The company is closing the gap between small businesses and big businesses.

“And that means getting big business technology on a small business budget,” James said.

That comes down to performance, fast servers, local pickup and delivery, online ordering, mobile apps, software, and hardware that rivals what large corporations have, but on a small business budget.

“We take all the resources the larger corporations have, and we make it so it’s affordable and part of our ecosystem,” he said.