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Puppies in the Park(ing lot) at Your CBD Store

Your CBD Store in Navarre hosted a fun event Jan. 8 called Puppies in the Park(ing lot), where dogs from Road Dogg Rescue were up for adoption right outside of the store, and every adopted dog came with a discount for a CBD dog treat.

It was a great success, and seven out of the 10 dogs were adopted in the first hour.

The event was supposed to run until 3 p.m., but Road Dogg Rescue ended up packing up at 2 p.m. because they ran out of dogs, manager Hope Kellar said with a smile on her face.

“I literally cried like a baby. I was just so happy with how the event turned out. They were happy tears,” Kellar said. “It was exciting to see families bond with the dogs in the store.”

Every family that adopted a dog got free samples of dog CBD treats to help them adjust to being in a new home.
“It’s good for the transitional phase. I gave them like five for that first week. It should help them kind of calm down,” she said.

Kellar said she had free samples at the event for the humans too and does for anyone who stops by the store to try out their product, so they can experience the effect firsthand.

When families adopted a dog, they also got a discount on treats and oils for dogs and cats – buy 2, get 1 free or 20% off one item.

Your CBD Store will be hosting another Puppies in the Park(ing) in February. Stay tuned to their Facebook for the specifics.

CBD products for dogs have proven successful, according to Kellar. Your CBD Store offers dog CBD in many shapes and flavors and for different sized dogs.

“My first question for dog owners who walk into Your CBD Store is how much does your dog weigh,” Kellar said.

Treats work better for the smaller dogs because they have a lower amount of milligrams. Oils work better for larger dogs.

Dog products come in a variety of flavors including bacon flavored hearts, steak, bacon and cheese and peanut butter. The treats and oils relax the dog and help with any pain or inflammation. There is no THC in pet products.

Your CBD Store also has a Paws & Nose Balm, which is a moisturizer with CBD in it to use if your pet’s nose or paws are dry or cracked. The store carries cat snacks as well.

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