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Pennington helps turn financial goals into reality

Most people are passionate about money, but not everyone knows the ins and outs of investing in order to plan for financial security.

Steve Pennington is a financial advisor with Edward Jones and is passionate about helping people reach their financial goals and dreams. He joined the Edward Jones team in May 2019 after he experienced firsthand what Edward Jones did for him and his family’s finances.

Pennington has a background in engineering and has learned to incorporate his lessons from engineering into his financial advising.

“No two projects are ever the same. Variables beyond the control of the engineer impact the outcome,” Pennington said. “Through planning and preparation, the engineer is able to successfully respond to a changing environment.”

Likewise, Pennington stays on top of the ever-changing conditions in the financial industry in order to keep his client’s goals on target.

“As a financial advisor, I want to understand the client’s goals and then execute a personalized strategy to help make them a reality. Personally, I enjoy being able to help other people,” he said.

Pennington loves his job. He loves connecting with his clients and understanding their life and what is financially important to them, to better plan for their future.

Investing should be important to everyone, he said, and no one should fear it.

“People like to preserve principle,” Pennington said. “I think our greatest concern is not being able to convince people to stay in investments when they are appropriate.”

He offers a variety of financial services to guide his clients through both long-term and short-term goals. These range from retirement planning and life insurance to long-term investment plans, saving for college, and retirement and life insurance plans for business owners.

Pennington and his team at Edward Jones love to help families organize, build, protect and transfer wealth.

“At Edward Jones, my job is to understand the goals of every unique client and to help them achieve those goals,” Pennington said.

He says the secret is to choose quality investments and stick with it and to diversify your portfolio.

Whether it’s preparing for retirement or planning an estate, Steve Pennington will help you achieve your financial goals by planning the life you envisioned.

Visit or give Steve a call at (850) 396-4295 to start planning your financial future.

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Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against loss in declining markets.