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One Hour Air welcomes Parsons as new operations manager

One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating has a new operations manager of the Gulf Breeze and Niceville locations, and his name is Jason Parsons.

Originally from Indiana, Parsons started installing HVAC systems in new residential homes about 25 years ago.

One Hour

He is well vested in the trades and has been on the operations side of it for six years. He started at One Hour Air in June 2020 and is loving it so far.

“I have a passion for the service business. I love seeing people happy,” Parsons said. “I love the feeling of helping people. I also love the feeling of success.”

One Hour Air’s NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified technicians will check every part of your system to make sure it is operating at its peak performance. They get to know the client and ask about any type of respiratory issues they may be having such as allergies or stuffy noses. They will also provide education and guidance on how you, the homeowner and can take care of your system monthly.

One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating does more than service HVAC systems. They expanded their operation to include two other companies and now include Mister Sparky, an electrical service provider, and Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

With their tri-branded operation, One Hour Air, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and Mister Sparky are able to cover the three major systems in any residential home.

All their brands offer membership programs to help their existing clients and potential clients take care of their heating/air conditioning, plumbing and electrical systems. Their club members enjoy special perks and priority scheduling.

Parsons and his team at One Hour Air recommend bi-annual maintenance on your HVAC equipment, once before the winter and once before the summer.

“This helps remind our customers to change out their filters, clean their systems inside and out, and flush those drain lines to help prevent a demand situation before it happens,” he said.

One Hour offers complete and comprehensive evaluations on your entire system, which includes ductwork and evaluating indoor air quality. Often, bigger problems can be prevented by fixing smaller problems before they get worse.

Maintaining one’s system can double its life and efficiency. Maintenance also saves money on utility bills. Systems that aren’t properly maintained can increase a utility bill by as much as 30%.

One Hour Air’s prompt technicians are important to their famous slogan: “Always on time, or you don’t pay a dime.” If they are late, One Hour Air will pay the cost of the service and will also fix any problem they misdiagnose at no cost. In addition, all parts and labor are under warranty for two years.

Parsons compares the HVAC system to a body.

In order to keep that body healthy, just like our bodies, we have to keep them maintained,” he said. “This starts with making sure we are changing out our filter at minimum every three months. The filter keeps the evaporator coils from getting too dirty and stops from hurting the fan motor function.”

Parsons recommends UV systems to help keep the air quality pure, especially during a pandemic. UV systems also help prevent bacteria and viruses from spreading in homes, he said.

Parsons loves to serve people every day and says the One Hour Air team is a family.

“We had a customer recently that was experiencing hard times. So much so that they couldn’t afford to buy groceries,” he said. “Our technician took it on himself and went and purchased $150 of groceries with his own money and surprised the customer with a week’s worth of food. That is why I love working and managing here.”

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