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Navarre Montessori to expand enrollment through 3rd grade

Choosing an early education program is one of the most important decisions a parent makes. Make the choice that is right for your child, and your family. If you believe that education should be hands-on, encourage independence, and teach children to love learning, Navarre Montessori Academy (NMA) is for you.

Kiani Richardson in the founder and director of Navarre Montessori Academy, which is the only bilingual Montessori school in the area with Montessori credentialed teachers. English as well as Spanish is taught to all students.

NMA provides a positive, secure learning environment for young children from 18 months to kindergarten. Starting in 2023, Navarre Montessori Academy will expand to include grades 1 to 3 as well. Enrollment opens in January 2023 for the upcoming school year. Join the waitlist sooner rather than later.

“Every child here is at a different level. There are some children who are working on numbers one to five and there are some children counting to 100,” Kiani said.

All the learning is catered to gaining skills such as motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

“It is not set like ‘This is what we’re learning today,’” Kiani said. “We base on observation. For example, I notice a child understands one level, so we continue with the next one because he’s ready, not because there is a book that say’s that next week he needs to move on.”

Navarre Montessori originally opened in Kiani’s house in 2016 to provide a Montessori-structured learning environment for her own children. Her neighbor’s children attended, and the learning academy began to grow. In 2018, with the help of her student’s parents, she moved Navarre Montessori Academy into Harvest Village in 2018.

Kiani used to teach math at high school but fell in love with molding young minds and setting them up for success in the learning world

“When students are older, their brains already have the synapsis – their brain is already organized in a certain way that we cannot redo,” Kiani said.

Teaching children basic skills at a young age is so important and Kiani hopes to share her passion for learning with Navarre.

Montessori is an independent style of learning, and it is child-led, not teacher-led. The best thing about the Montessori program is that your child will learn more than just the core subjects of mathematics and language. They will also learn the soft skills of collaboration, self-motivation, independence, and problem-solving.

Family and community
Navarre Montessori

Academy helps create caring, compassionate children and instills in them a sense of family, community, and respect for their environment.

Whole-child development
Our focus on whole-child development through the Montessori approach fosters confidence, enthusiasm, and the joy of learning in the child.

Learning in multiple languages develops overall intelligence, enhances cognitive development, and increases capacity for learning additional languages both now and later in life.

Intellectual potential
Navarre Montessori Academy provides a learning environment that encourages and allows the child to be self-directed, work at their own pace, and reach their full intellectual potential.

Navarre Montessori Academy develops confident, multicultural, multilingual children who respect diversity and community and who are caring, capable, enthusiastic, and committed to a lifetime of learning.
Come take a tour of Navarre Montessori academy and see first-hand why Montessori works and why parents choose this path for their children’s early education.