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Navarre family loses home to fire

| Staff Reporters
Early morning, Tuesday, Oct. 31, smoke and fire engulfed a Navarre home on Fort Worth St. Firefighters with Holley Navarre Fire District (HNFD) and other responding units were able to put down the fire but the damage was done. As it stands now, the house is a shell of its former self.
Firefighters from multiple districts respond to a fire Halloween morning in Navarre. The Oct. 31 blaze occurred on the 8200 block of Fort Worth St.

There were no reported injuries or fatalities during the blaze. Midway Fire District, one of the districts which sent firefighters to the scene, released a statement on Facebook recapping the incident.

According to Midway Fire District, firefighters from HNFD were dispatched to the 8200 block of Fort Worth St. for a reported house fire at 12:46 a.m. The 911 caller had indicated that a wall had blown down in one of the bedrooms. A nearby Lifeguard EMS crew arrived on scene and observed heavy smoke and fire coming from the home.

Midway Fire District’s Shannon Stone and Fire Chief Kevin Lewis stand in doorway of burnt down house.

The residents inside the home were safely evacuated and HNFD Battalion 40 arrived on scene and confirmed the fire. HNFD Engine 45 fought the blaze while the crew from HNFD Engine 41 conducted a primary search of the house.

Additional crews from Navarre Beach Fire Rescue District Ladder 49 and Midway Engine 37 assisted with fire suppression and overhaul.

Midway Fire District said the home had sustained enough damage from fire and smoke, it warranted a request to the American Red Cross to assist the family with emergency housing.

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