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Skip Orth has been in the lawn service business for over 25 years, he is the author of the book “What Every Homeowner Along The Emerald Coast Needs To Know About Lawn Care,” he has authored several articles and holds frequent workshops on the topic of lawn care in the local area.

How the father and son team got started
Skip and Buddy Orth started working as a team in 2003 when they first started offering lawn service together.

Skip explains that at the time, Buddy was just 13 when he and his wife, Teresa, were homeschooling their 5 children. “My son Buddy was a quick learner and very bright, however he couldn’t stand to sit and do seat work. Buddy and Teresa were in constant conflict over his lack of completing assignments so I thought it would be a good idea to change the classroom and take more of a hands-on approach to teaching him.

That’s when I presented Buddy with the idea of doing a business together.”

Skip says that having a “real world” classroom worked quite well. “We used the newspaper to talk about current events, we listened to audio books while we drove from job to job for history and literature and incorporated math and science into tasks related to running the business.”

Skip and Buddy worked together for about five years before Buddy decided to join the Army. “At the time, I wasn’t interested in working in the business anymore. I wanted to see what other opportunities were available to me in life, so I joined the Army. But in the 6 and a half years I spent serving in the Army, hardly a day went by when I didn’t use something my dad had taught me during the time, I had spent with him in the business. Most of what I learned from him had to do with people skills he taught me from dealing with customers and problem-solving skills I learned when things didn’t happen the way we expected them to.”

After a deployment to Afghanistan and several years away, Buddy decided to return home and pick up where he left off, working with Skip. “When Buddy left, I couldn’t very well change the name of the company” Skip says with a grin. “So, while Buddy was gone, I would dub the young men working for me ‘substitute sons’. But now I’ve got the ‘original son’ back and even though Buddy was gone over six years, we meshed right back together just like we did before.”

Skip has passed down his thorough knowledge of lawn care, so that now Buddy does most of the sales and customer relation activities.

Help for your troubled lawn
Skip and Buddy specialize in solving lawn problems. “It’s kind of the niche we carved out for ourselves.” Skip explains. “I’ve been working in the turf industry here along the Emerald Coast for about 30 years and have developed a passion for figuring out ways to improve and sustain lawn health. In this area, it is extremely hard to keep lawns healthy because there are so many factors working against you. Mother Nature never intended for turf grass to grow here along the Emerald Coast, so if you tear out what she has growing and plant sod, you better know how to keep it alive because she is going to do everything she can to transform your pretty sod back into her idea of what should be growing there”.

Free book available
Skip has taken much of his knowledge about lawns and put it into a book “What Every Home Owner Along The Emerald Coast Needs To Know About Lawn Care”. The book is loaded with practical tips on how to keep your lawn healthy and maintain your landscape. Hundreds of homeowners in our area have benefited from the information Skip provides in his book. If you are interested in obtaining free a copy, you can request a free copy through their website

If you are having trouble keeping your lawn healthy, Skip and Buddy offer free lawn consultations. If you would like them to come, take a look at your lawn you can reach them by calling or texting 850-240-7935. You can also visit their web site at

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