Driver punches man he says raced in neighborhood

A 32-year-old man was arrested Dec. 22, 2020 and charged with battery. Jeremy David Duane Marlar, of Brewster Street, has one previous arrest and conviction for battery, making this his second offense.

According to his arrest report, a Santa Rosa County deputy responded to a battery complaint, and recorded the following narrative.

The victim was driving to a friend’s house when a Gold F-150 pulled in behind him and continued to follow him until he reached the house. He parked and the truck parked directly behind him. While the victim remained in his car, Marlar exited his truck and began to yell at the victim, complaining that they were driving too fast.

Marlar then got back into his truck and began to drive away, but then stopped the truck and got back out. The victim remained in the driver’s seat with the window rolled down and Marlar reached in with a closed fist and punched the victim in the face.

The reporting deputy observed abrasions on the inside of the victim’s lips, and dried blood in the victim’s nostril. After collecting witness accounts from three friends of the victim present at the scene and one neighbor, the deputy concluded that an act of aggression occurred and the Marlar was the primary aggressor.

Using Marlar’s tag, the deputy tracked the ownership of the Ford-150. When he was arrested, Marlar said he did not recall the incident, and asked the deputy who he hit. When the deputy informed him, Marlar replied, “Oh, the person in the Lexus.”

Marlar explained that he had just woken up, and now remembered that the victim and someone else were racing down the street, and nearly hit his car. He went to confront the victim and the victim “came at him,” he said, implying that he was not the primary aggressor, the report said.

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