West Navarre Primary Mrs. Rounsaville’s second grade class

Why is your mom the best mom?


“She works really hard to make us all happy. She is very full hearted and loves our family.”

Geo Doubrava, 8







“She takes care of me when I’m sick. She loves me and takes me on vacation.”

Andi Russell, 8







“She helps me with my homework and makes sure I have the correct answers.”

Michael Boylan, 8







“She gave born to me.”
Kristina McWaters, 7 ½







“She takes me to soccer practice even when she has had a rough day at work.”

Hayden Greiner, 7







“She makes dinner every night.”

Kenny Drost, 7






“She cooks really good food. She helps me with something if I need help.”

Emma Glass, 8







“She took the day off to take me to ‘Avengers: End Game.’”

Landen Hull, 7 (almost 8)







“She’s a unique mom. She is very special to me. I love her very much.”

Shaun Anderson, 8






“She works hard and gets money for our Disney trips.”

Elle Griffin, 7






“My mom is the best mom ‘cuz she makes the best food ever, and she always snuggles with me. She makes the best apple pie and peach pie.”

Lilly Meeks, 8 ½






“She takes me to school and takes me home every day. I love her.”

Giuliana Babst, 8







“She’s the best cuddler, and she makes the best mac and cheese.”

Isabell Cusac, 8






“’Cuz even when she’s tired she still makes time for me.”

Jayde Lee, 8






“She lets me watch what I want on TV when I’m sick and takes good care of me.”

Nathaniel Padgett, 8








As seen in the May 9 issue of Navarre Press.

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