5 things to know: Tuesday county commission meeting

The agenda for Tuesday’s Board of County Commissioners meeting in Milton is packed with issues that have elicited packed board rooms over the past year including replacement of the entire Zoning Board and potential implementation of impact fees.

Here are five of the highlights from the 92-item agenda:

  1. Impact fees for school construction

After undergoing a lengthy study, Santa Rosa County School District has proposed implementing a roughly $5,000 impact fee on new single-family homes.

This fee would be used to offset the cost of building new school capacity to keep up with growing student populations, as schools across the district reach max capacity.

But in May, when the district initially proposed the fees to the Board of County Commissioners who would have to support the implementation, the board was hesitant. They pointed to concerns about how the school district was expending funds and what impacts fees might have on first time homebuyers.

Now the issue is coming back to the commission, on the heels of commissioners publicly acknowledging that citizens want them to research the concept.

  1. Impact fees for county growth

The commissioners’ own impact fee study will also be on the agenda. This study would be the first step required to allow the county to assess an impact fee for a variety of straining infrastructure.

Consideration of the study is a 180 for many of the commissioners who initially outright opposed these fees.

  1. Zoning Board replacement

After comments critical of voters opposing a sales tax increase landed some board members in hot water, the entire Zoning Board was fired by the county commission last month. Only Commissioner Bob Cole voted against the move.

The replacements nominees for the volunteer board will be up for approval vote during the meeting.

The nominees are:

District 1 – Derrick Sammons and Adam Principe

District 2 – Bill Dubois and Rich Santo

District 3 – Laurie McGaughey

District 4 – Cherie Rice and Kirk Darby

District 5 – Margaret Neyman and Daniel Bowen

In addition, the commission will be discussing implementing policies for procedure and training of volunteer board and committees in the county. The draft policy includes a two term limit of service, and Zoning Board appointees would be barred from serving on any other citizen committees.

  1. Pier sees 37% revenue growth

Navarre Beach Fishing Pier operators will be giving the commission an update on the state of the pier on the heels of news that pier revenues to the county grew 37% over the first 10 months of 2019 compared to the previous year, setting an all time record of $544,428 in revenue.

Navarre Pier Funplex, LLC is the entity that formed from the dissolution of Growing Santa Rosa Enterprises. The presentation will include information on contractual obligations met and plans for future growth of the pier operation.

  1. Whispering Pines traffic calming

Commissioners will discuss the potential implementation of multi-way stops on Whispering Pines Boulevard at the intersections of Pouder Lane and Parker Place Drive after a citizen request.

Phone polling utilizing signs at the intersections resulted in more than 65% opposition according to the Roads and Bridges Department. A traffic analysis was not completed.

Santa Rosa County Commissioners will meet at 8:30 a.m. in Milton at 6495 Caroline Street.

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