Trust your most valuable asset to Andrew Knott Painting

Painting a house is no easy task. It takes patience, attention to detail, expertise and focus.

Andrew Knott, owner of Andrew Knott Painting, brings all of these skills to the table when he has paint on his brush.

“You wouldn’t have your doctor give you a haircut, so why have a handyman paint your most valuable asset,” Knott said. “It may be OK, but it won’t exceed your expectations.”

Andrew Knott Painting has been exceeding expectations since 1988.

Knott started his first painting company in 1988 and worked with Painters and Allied Trades DC1 union in Detroit, Michigan. There, he completed the Master Painters Institute course and graduated with honors. The course specialized in painting quality, performance and sustainability.

Experience is definitely something you look for in a painter, and Knott has plenty of it.

He supervised the painting of the ground up build of the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Detroit. Knott and his crew worked on painting the hotel side, as well as the restaurants.

He also spent six years painting hospitals in one of the largest health systems in Michigan. On job as foreman it was his responsibility to ensure every one of the system’s policies on infection disease control were followed per the health system guidelines.

“In that way, I have been trained and have practiced these implemented policies way before the pandemic,” Knott said. “We as a company will continue that knowledge and procedure in your home by wearing masks properly in your home and sterilizing all surfaces that are touched, such as doorknobs and light switches.”

The largest residential new build that Knott painted was a 28,000 square foot home in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The home was built for a prominent member of the Detroit Pistons basketball team.

All of these projects have one common denominator – extreme attention to detail. After all, paint is largest job in any building that is seen. The plumbing, electrical, studs, etc. are usually not seen by the customer. In that aspect, the painting should reflect a quality worthy of showing off.

Most people do not think about the exterior paint on their home until there is a problem. Often time it is too late and costly repairs must be done.

“It is important that people understand that the exterior paint is a protector, not just a decoration of color,” Knott said. “The coating is your only line of defense when it comes to the harsh elements here in Florida. You want to be very proactive in protecting our most valuable asset.”

Andrew Knott Painting is quality driven painting at an affordable price. Knott doesn’t mark up the paint cost to gain a profit, unlike some competitors. Whatever he buys the paint at, Knott charges his customers the same price and show the receipts to the homeowner to prove it.

To schedule a consultation to get an estimate on painting your home or commercial building, call Andrew Knott Painting today!

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