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Transform your home with Anchored Renovations

With many of us spending more time in our homes these days, we may be noticing things that could be improved. Well, what would be a more perfect time to give your home a makeover?

Whether you need brand-new floors or an additional room, Anchored Renovations is here to help you with all your home renovation needs.

Owners Alanna and Chris Ammons are passionate about design and making your dreams come to life in your own home.

Operating in Northwest Florida for the past five years, Anchored Renovations provides services from Gulf Breeze to Niceville and Destin, helping clients turn their houses into custom-made dream homes designed to meet the needs of each individual family.

Their company started up in Kentucky back in 2012, bearing the name “All About Construction.” In 2016, Chris, Alanna and their family packed up their bags and headed south to Florida, bringing the company with them.

“I’ve been in construction my whole entire life and I was tired of working for anybody else,” Chris said. “So, we prayed about it and this was our answer. I actually requested to be laid off from work so that I could start the company.”

Once Chris requested the layoff, the couple waited for one year and one day so that he could get his annuity and start the company.

“Basically, we just took a leap of faith,” Alanna said. “Twice! Once in Kentucky and once here.”

They were required to rename the company since their original business name had already been claimed and decided on the meaningful “Anchored Renovations.” Being a faith-based company is extremely important to Chris and Alanna.

“Our shirts actually say, ‘Trust in God, the Anchor that Holds’,” Chris said. “Of course, the ship anchor because we’re near the water and there’s ships and boats, but the true meaning of the anchor is that we’re anchored in God. Live by faith, walk by faith and we’ll be prosperous.”

Anchored Renovations specializes in residential renovations, additions and new builds. Their work involves home remodeling, fencing, room additions and conversions, outdoor decks and concrete. They also concentrate on new construction, such as garages and covered porches, as well as custom homes.

Chris affirms that products and quality set Anchored Renovations apart from the other home renovation businesses in the area.

“We have a dedicated crew to each individual job that stay there from start to finish,” he said.
“Our communication is above and beyond,” Alanna said. “We definitely have technology programs that probably a lot of other people don’t, which really stands out to clients, especially the ones that don’t live here.”

Anchored Renovations has applications and computer programs that allow them to generate exactly what the renovation will look like once the project is complete before it has even begun. Their clients can also go on the website and check the status of their project through-out the entire process.

“We upload photos and we can put the progress in here. We can put in updates – when we plan to have things done by – and they get access to all that,” Alanna said. “It’s a portal designed to keep an open line of communication between us and them.”

Chris loves to see the homeowner’s reactions to their finished products, especially the ones that have no idea the remodel is even happening. He loves to see something come up from nothing. Chris says the future of Anchored Renovations is bigger.

Alanna confirms Anchored Renovations is growing rapidly as more families come to Northwest Florida to stay and want a beautiful, customized home that fits their lifestyle.

If you or someone you know are looking to fix up or completely remodel your home, give Chris and Alanna a call or head down to their main office conveniently located on Navarre Parkway in Navarre.

Let Anchored Renovations bring your dreams to reality today!