Transform your home into home sweet home with Anchored Renovations

With families spending a lot more time in their houses these days, what a perfect time to give your home a makeover.
Anchored Renovations is here to help you with all your home renovation needs, whether that be interior or exterior.
Owners Chris and Alanna Ammons are passionate about designing and making your renovation dreams come to life in your home.
The company started back in 2012 in Kentucky. Then, in 2016, the family packed up their bags and headed south to Florida to enjoy the sandy beaches and warm sunshine.
They have been operating in Florida for the past four years. Anchored Renovations services anywhere from Gulf Breeze all the way to Destin, helping turn houses into dream homes, custom made to meet the family’s needs.
“I’ve been in construction my whole entire life and I was tired of working for anybody else,” Chris said. “So, we prayed about it and this was our answer.”
“Basically, we just took a leap of faith,” Alanna said. “Twice! Once in Kentucky and once here.”
Anchored Renovations specializes in interior and exterior renovations of the home. They work on home remodeling, fencing, room additions and outdoor decks. They also concentrate on small new construction, such as garages and covered porches.
Chris says that their products and quality sets Anchored Renovations apart from the other home renovation businesses in the area.
“We have a dedicated crew to each individual job that stay there nonstop, and we work 7 to 3:30 or 4 and that’s it,” he said.
“And our communication is above and beyond,” Alanna added. “We definitely have technology programs that most competitiors don’t have, which really stands out to clients, especially the ones that don’t live here.”
Anchored Renovations has apps and computer programs that generate exactly what the renovation will look like once the project is complete before it has even begun. Clients can go on the website and check their status throughout the process.
“We upload photos and we can put progress in our program. We can put in updates, when we plan to have things done by and they get access to all that.” she said. “It’s a portal designed to keep an open line of communication between us and them.”
Chris loves to see the homeowner’s reactions to their finished products, especially the ones that have no idea the remodel is even happening. He likes to see something come up from nothing.
Chris says the future of Anchored Renovations is bigger.
“Right now, we have Alanna and I, three in the office and nine in the field with our superintendent,” he said.
“We’re rapidly growing,” Alanna said.
Being a faith-based company is extremely important to Anchored Renovations.
“Our shirts actually say, ‘Trust in God, the anchor that holds,’” Chris said. “Of course, the ship anchor because we’re near the water and there’s ships and boats, but the true meaning of the anchor is that we’re anchored in God. Live by faith, walk by faith, and we’ll be prosperous.”

Anchored Renovations
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Office hours: 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

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