Trading soda for real estate & startups: New gateway to wealth launches in NWFL


The average millionaire has seven streams of income. Most Americans have only one; a weekly paycheck or self-employed income if they are a business owner.
Having only one stream of income is very risky and can put your family in financial jeopardy should something happen to your job or ability to go to work each day.
Profits are better than wages. Building multiple streams of passive income is a tried and true pathway to wealth. The proof is in the portfolios of our nation’s most wealthy households.
Local Navarre resident and serial entrepreneur Nancy Gaskins has created an affordable option for everyday families to create multiple streams of passive income in a relatively short period of time using real estate and small business startups.
“I am a self-professed Serial Entrepreneur,” Nancy said. “One of my gifts is generating business ideas, which has been both a blessing and a curse. I have no doubt that I have lost multiple millions of dollars throughout my lifetime because I didn’t have the skill sets to attract the right people with the resources I needed to capitalize on my great ideas.”
Have you ever had a great business idea and had no clue how to convert it into cold-hard cash? One of Nancy’s main priorities is to provide affordable options to connect people with great ideas to the right people and resources, including the capital needed to launch and cash out when the time comes.
Northwest Florida is home to 375,000 households, and there are 126 million U.S. households.
48% of Americans dream of owning their own business someday. 51% who launch are over 50 years of age. 68% start their businesses from home. The average startup is $10,000.
Imagine every time a small business startup across America earns a dollar, every household across Northwest Florida could be getting a piece of the action; month after month, year after year.
That’s the premise behind Nancy’s latest project, Spare Change Nation; a community based collaborative effort designed to leverage the spare change of everyday families across America to capitalize on two of the most powerful strategies to build wealth; real estate and small business startups.
Pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters; they all add up to dollars that make sense!
The power to prosper individually, collectively as communities across Northwest Florida, while making a positive impact on every household across America is easily within reach by leveraging knowledge and resources.
“I am no stranger to financial difficulties, which is why I am so passionate about helping families strive towards financial independence,” Nancy said. “I’ve made major financial mistakes throughout my lifetime. Some were just normal trials and tribulation of everyday life, some were made in ignorance, but MANY were self-inflicted wounds from just being stupid.”
Some people experience an unexpected catastrophic life event that put them in a financial tailspin whereby they lose everything they have worked their entire lives for and are forced to start all over from scratch; i.e. think hurricane, divorce, death of a loved one, major health crises, recession, stock market crash.
You may think you are in great shape financially, but you could be misinterpreting your financial fitness. A high paying job, great credit score and lots of “stuff” isn’t wealth. It’s DEBT. Dave Ramsey explains it this way: Every time you get paid, someone else’s name is on your check…your creditors!
95% of Americans will never be able to achieve financial independence, despite their outer appearance. The Jones family is broke, but they “look” rich. They have the house, cars, clothes, jewelry and exotic vacations, but no net worth. Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, neck deep in debt and have only one stream of income.
By 2020, 17% of senior citizens will be forced to stay in or re-enter the workforce. Pay attention the next time you shop at your favorite retailers. Notice the large number of seniors working. Trust me when I tell you they aren’t there because they want to be there Nancy said. They are working because they need the money and/or the healthcare benefit.
Not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, own and operate a business nor do they have thousands of dollars available to invest, but everyone has spare change, an internet connection and their thoughts and opinions which are all that is needed to join Spare Change Nation in October.
Profits are better than wages. There’s never been a better time than “now” for everyday people to consider real estate and startups as a viable option to help create, fund and live the life of your dreams, a life worth smiling and talking about.
To learn more contact Nancy Gaskins or visit

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