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Solar storm may cause cell phone, radio disruption

Local officials warn that 2020 might bring one more challenge -- a solar storm that occurred on Dec. 7 and is predicted to potentially affect the area beginning late Wednesday, Dec. 9. Effects of the magnetic storm, including disrupted cell phone and radio communication, may continue into Friday.

According to NOAA, a geomagnetic storm watch is in effect from Dec. 9-11, due to effects from a Coronal Mass Ejection, which is associated with the solar storm that may affect earth.

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Gone too soon

Navarre freshman's death shocked family, friends

Daniel Sinnett gave a hug and kiss to his mom before she left for work on the morning of Sept. 22. That wasn’t out of the ordinary.

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susan monson

Drunk woman allegedly strips, batters Waffle House employee

Susan Lynn Monson, 57, of the 3100 block of Clemson Road in Gulf Breeze was arrested Nov. 16 after an alleged intoxicated afternoon harassing people in Gulf Breeze.

According to a Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office arrest report, deputies were initially called around 3 p.m. about a possibly mental ill person in the parking lot of Bealls Outlet. The woman, identified as Monson, allegedly walked through the parking lot banging on the hoods of cars and screaming.

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