Sweet Pea returns home to the Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center

Sweet Pea is coming home on Wednesday, Oct. 24.

Sweet Pea ingested fishing line that caused internal damage which affects her ability to process food.  Dr. Cavin of Gulf World Marine Institute started Sweet Pea on the Mazuri® Sea Turtle Gel Diet for Herbivorous Turtles.  The veterinary staff injected the gel with barium and then monitored her intestinal tract using x-rays.  As the food passed through Sweet Pea’s intestinal tract, Dr. Cavin was able to find the source of the problem.   Dr. Cavin was then able to establish a long-term treatment plan that will hopefully keep Sweet Pea in optimal health.

The Mazuri Sea Turtle Gel Diet is designed for the herbivorous life stages of sea turtles, especially greens.  It is nutritionally complete, and no vitamin or mineral supplements are required.  Sweet Pea seems to like it and is eating well.

Stop by the Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center and welcome Sweet Pea home.  They are open Tuesday-Saturday, noon till 4:00 pm.

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