Support my campaign or else

Yes, it’s campaign season – and all the ugly that comes with it. What you may not know is if you contribute money to Rob Williamson’s opponent he will shut you out. And apparently he has a long memory.

One voter contributed to his campaign and the opponent’s campaign. Even though the voter gave him money that voter is the target of his ire. Case in point:

Navarre Press made a public records request for text messages between Rob Williamson and Tamara Fountain the CEO of the Navarre Beach Area Chamber of Commerce. There were none because he uses his personal cellphone for anything he doesn’t want released publicly. He was copied in the response from the county attorney’s office and he included his remarks. “I haven’t spoken to the chamber CEO, Tamara Fountain, since learning she contributed $2000 to the guy running against me.”

So, he will shut out Fountain and the 600 or so local business owners and managers (VOTERS) that are members of the NBACOC because she contributed to both campaigns. Not the smartest campaign strategy. The power of 600 is nothing to walk away from, and yet he does. But we are reminded that he was elected by the north end of the county, not the south. So why can’t they keep him? We would gladly take men like Sam Parker and Bob Cole here. They create unity, they invite all parties to the table, they have a vision. In fact, Parker and Cole attend more events here than he does. And we are so fortunate to have them looking out for us.

But we will give him credit where due: he is smart when it comes to “recycling” his campaign contributions. He takes your money, then pays his wife’s company Sticky Design Group for campaign stuff. It’s a great job if you can get it. She has made $12,091 since October according to his financial reports on

We have also heard from a couple of local business owners who have been on the receiving end of his unprofessional remarks and they won’t vote for him – but they also won’t speak out against him either. Why? Because they may lose grant money or support from him. Do we really want to re-elect someone who leads by instilling fear of retribution?

Real leaders lead in a way that pulls all of the voices together. He or she helps everyone find common ground. He looks to what is best for our community, while listening to the people. He follows the law and doesn’t get drunk on power or anything else.

We need a real and honest leader not a con man. Who will you vote for in the commissioner’s race?

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