5 Things to Know in Florida for July 16

Your daily look at news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about in Florida today.

Jeb Bush promises to reveal names of top money-raisers in October

Jeb Bush’s campaign is promising to reveal the names of top money-raisers in October, making him the first Republican presidential candidate since 2008 to take such a step. Called “bundlers,” these fundraisers gather up many $2,700 checks — the maximum legal limit for the primary contest — from fellow donors, making them critical players in any campaign. There’s no legal requirement to make bundler names public, except in the case of registered lobbyists. Gov. Scott Walker and Hillary Rodham Clinton also plan to release the names of their top fundraisers.

Man charged with killing neighbor over dog defecating in yard

A South Florida man is facing prison after for allegedly killing a neighbor during a dispute over a dog defecating in a yard. A grand jury indicted Omar Rodriguez on Wednesday after Miami-Dade police say he fired two shots at Jose Rey for allegedly letting his dog defecate on Rodriguez’ son’s lawn. Rey died of his injuries late last month.

Florida judge orders new congressional districts to be in place by end of September

A Florida judge is telling the state Legislature it needs to have new maps for Congress finished and reviewed by a trial court by late September. Wednesday’s order comes a few days after the state Supreme Court ruled the state’s congressional maps don’t meet the requirements of a voter-approved constitutional amendment that prohibits political lines from being drawn to favor incumbents or a political party. The Florida Supreme Court gave the Republican-controlled Legislature 100 days to change the boundaries of eight existing districts. These changes could affect many more of the state’s 27 congressional districts. .

3 arrested for allegedly selling fentanyl to Florida overdose victims

Three people are facing prison time after authorities say they allegedly sold heroin that was actually Fentanyl to overdose victims in central Florida. At least a dozen people overdosed and one man died. Brevard County Sheriff’s officials say individuals purchased and ingested what they believed was heroin, but was actually almost pure fentanyl. The drug is typically used in easing extreme pain for some end-stage cancer patients. Fentanyl has been found to be up to 50 times more potent than heroin and tends to produce significant respiratory depression.

Florida women accused of shoplifting with 3 children in tow

Two women have been arrested after authorities say they brought along three young children when they shoplifted from a South Florida store. The Broward Sheriff’s Office says 27-year-old Christine Nicole Aleksin and 28-year-old Jennifer Nicole Ingham were with a 2-year-old, 5-year-old and 7-year-old when they went into a Wal-Mart in Pompano Beach on Tuesday. Arrest reports show security personnel stopped the women when they left the store and found that they had taken items worth more than $600 without paying.


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