Williams stays the course to land college football opportunity

Statistics sometimes scream for attention, waving their arms in the hopes someone will notice.

One would think the numbers Hasaan Williams put up on the football field last fall as a senior at Navarre would have been enough to get at least one school to notice.

Heck, asking for three or four schools to notice wouldn’t have exactly been asking for the world on a silver platter.

After all, it’s not as if he rushed for 1,355 yards and scored 13 rushing touchdowns, not to mention the three receiving touchdowns, against chump-change competition. The talented running back did it against some of the best football teams in the Panhandle.

It just didn’t matter. His cell phone didn’t ring. No letters from recruiters filled his mailbox.

No one was paying attention.

“It was frustrating because I thought I would have gotten some offers,” Williams said. “I felt like I did really well against good competition, but no one wanted to take a chance on me.”

That could have been the end of the story for Williams, who started the year at third string but catapulted into the spotlight early in the season when North Carolina-commit Michael Carter went down with a devastating knee injury.

Williams came out of nowhere and rushed into stardom, helping the Raiders go unbeaten in the regular season for the first time in school history.

It was a great feel-good story, a story worth telling more than once. Recruiters, though, didn’t care.

He could have fallen through the cracks at that point and been forgotten, another one of those players you remember being a great athlete in high school but have no clue what happened to him after graduation.

Williams wasn’t going to be that guy. He was determined to hold onto hope that something would work out.

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