Baseline testing serves as valuable assessment tool

Navarre baseball coach John Boddy recalls a time when he felt he had suffered a concussion in a high school football game.

He said he sat out a quarter and then returned once he felt a little better.

“That would never happen now,” Boddy said. “We’ve come a long way with concussion awareness. It’s night and day to where it used to be.”

Erring on the side of caution is the route high schools take now when it comes to head injuries, and baseline testing has played a crucial role in making sure athletes don’t return to competition too soon.

“On the sidelines, we are going to be asking about their symptoms. We’re looking to see if they are dizzy or light-headed, if they have a headache or if they have a sensitivity to light or noise,” said Kathleen McGraw, the sports medicine coordinator at the Andrews Institute. “If we suspect a head injury, we are pulling the kid.”

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