A look at where Raider lifters rank going into state

Winning a state championship in weightlifting comes down to numbers.

There are 20 weight divisions. Fifteen lifters are competing for Navarre’s girls weightlifting team, which has won the last four state championships. This is the most of any school at the state meet, which takes place Friday at Arnold in Panama City. The meet begins at 10:30 a.m.

The first six places in each weight division are awarded points. First place is awarded 7 points. The runner-up receives 5 points, third place picks up 4, fourth place gets 3 points and the fifth-place lifter receives 2 points. The sixth-place lifter earns 1 point.

Theoretically, the more lifters, the better the chance of gaining points. One point could mean the difference between first and second place, as it did in 2013 when the Raiders won their first state championship by one point.

A look at where the Raiders rank going into state

Weight Division         Lifter              Combined Max          Rank out of 20


101                              Kiara Latouche           230                  8

110                              Jelina Bly                    260                  10

110                              Nia Quarker                240                  17

119                              Katie Johnson             270                  15

119                              Lily Williams              260                  17

129                              Natalya Garza             310                  5

139                              Veronica Hall              350                  3

139                              Danielle Skinner         300                  8

154                              Makalla Hebner          305                  17

169                              Julia McMaster           370                  2

169                              Talese Ziegler             340                  7

183                              Suki Clinkenbeard      315                  3

199                              Ashley Hixon              310                  11

UL                               Alexis Prather             445                  9

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