Santa Rosa school security gets boost

Tripling down on school protection from would be shooters, Santa Rosa schools are spending millions of dollars on new measures to keep out bad guys or stop them in their tracks.

In cooperation with Sheriff Bob Johnson, schools are bolstering his force of resource officers with upgraded cameras, alarms that notify more officers within 10 seconds if there’s an emergency and “safety drills” that are akin to the fire drills previous generations of students participated in.

“We put a good guy with a gun in every school,” said Johnson at a news conference on Monday.

Parents shouldn’t be concerned about the officers’ response to a threat, Johnson said, because they are going through “active shooter training” multiple times.

More measures are coming, vowed School Superintendent Tim Wyrosdick. He said the school system is spending $950,000 a year on security detection and alert upgrades.

“We’re not where we want to be” but much safer “than a year ago,” Wyrosdick said,

Johnson said he would consider an additional step by arming “non-instructional” school personnel who have had firearms experience in the military or elsewhere.

Johnson said he’s not in favor of arming most teachers.

“It probably would be more harmful than helpful,” he said.

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