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Did you know that 96% of Americans now own a cellphone of some kind, with 81% of that share owning a smartphone?

With such a vast majority of our population daily looking at screens, it is important to know how to effectively market to those eyes. Sandpaper Marketing is here to help!

Utilizing Sandpaper Marketing will speed up your website and turn more visitors into customers. By increasing your website speed and designing your website with mobile-first in mind, your search engine optimization and ranking will improve drastically.

This fall, Google will be switching their ranking system to a mobile-first indexing system. In the past and up until this September, Google ranking has been based first and foremost on a business’s desktop performance numbers, then mobile. With more than half of web traffic worldwide coming from mobile devices, according to Statista, Google has decided to switch fully to mobile performance first, when it comes to speed rankings.
Sandpaper Marketing will give your website an Extreme Makeover-Online Edition, improving loading speed, website design, online content, security, analytics and overall performance.

Identifying, anticipating and satisfying customers’ wants and needs can be challenging in an ever-changing world, but you can count on Sandpaper Marketing to make sure your business is leading with effective messaging delivered across a wide spectrum of platforms.

Search engine optimization is a powerful tool this day and age. It can be the defining reason someone discovers your business. Sandpaper Marketing specializes in search engine optimization and making sure your business has the most compelling online presence possible.

Sandpaper Marketing is a professional web design and Navarre web development company offering mobile web and media solutions for small- and large-scale operations. Your site design and layout are essential aspects that ensure the productivity of your business.

Responsive Web Design involves designing one version of your website that will work no matter what type of device your potential customer is using to access it. One reason to consider using a Navarre responsive web design is because it allows your site to keep the same content across all your client’s different Internet enabled devices.

We specialize in creating great looking, effective websites that get found, stand out and get your company business. Our web design team will work with you to create the perfect web site solution to reach the right audience and turn them into paying, happy customers.

Maybe your business already has a fantastic website. What about website management?

Managing your website is important for several reasons such as website uptime, speed and dependability. Other factors include updating new promotions, adding new content in the forms of pictures, videos or infographics.

Web analytics provides rich insights into your website’s marketing effectiveness to drive a continual growth plan. Let the team of analytics specialists at Sandpaper Marketing help you optimize your website usability and maximize your marketing return on investment.

The team at Sandpaper Marketing can study a business, survey the competition and tailor a campaign which will deliver results to the client. Some plans are as simple as social media management while other clients trust their entire business plan to Sandpaper Marketing.

“We believe marketing is essential to the long-term success of every business,” Kemp said. “Good marketing powers your business as much as the electric company does. Operating without either is nearly impossible.”
Whether your needs are small or large, the team at Sandpaper Marketing is available to help you make your marketing vision a reality. Business cards, postcards, direct mail, branded promotional items or a full-fledged marketing plan – call the experts at Sandpaper Marketing. The service is personalized down to the last detail.

“Achieving growth for your business is what Sandpaper Marketing is all about,” Kemp said.

Offering graphic design, website development, search engine optimization and branding services for any business, Sandpaper Marketing works with each client to ensure the greatest success.

Sandpaper Marketing has worked with multiple businesses in the community including Navarre Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, Ye Olde Brothers Brewery, Lighthouse Private Christian Academy, The British Pedlar, Rollins Distillery and many more.

Check out their online portfolio of all of the projects they have been working on at

You can give Sandpaper Marketing a call today to talk about how they can make a difference in your bottom line at 850-939-1900.


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