Why can’t a “day” mean a “day?”

tommy-mitchell-answers-in-genesisAccording to Dr. Tommy Mitchell from Answers in Genesis, the meaning of the Hebrew word “yom” or “day” is most hotly debated when it comes to its use in Genesis 1 during the Bible’s account of creation. Mitchell is a full-time speaker for Answers in Genesis, the nation’s leading Christian ministry advocating the biblical account of creation, and presented a two-day conference March 23 and 24 hosted by Midway Baptist Church.

“Many Christians believe the six days of creation outlined in the Book of Genesis don’t literally mean 24 hour days,” Mitchell said. “They tend to believe that those days are different, but then don’t question the meaning of the word ‘day’ when it’s used elsewhere in the scriptures. Many would probably be offended if we said ‘Jesus was in the tomb for 3,000 years.’”

Mitchell said James Barr, a professor of Hebrew at Oxford University, agrees that the words used in Genesis 1 refer to “the 24 hours days we now experience,” and Barr wrote “that he knows of no professor of Hebrew at any leading university who would say otherwise.”

“Barr is still a believer in an ‘old earth’ despite his statement about the meaning of the word ‘day,’” Mitchell said.

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