Publication Partners

HBTS Holley by the Sea News (HBTS News) is a niche news and information source for Holley by the Sea, the second largest homeowners association in Florida and the largest homeowners association in north Florida. The Board of Directors of Holley by the Sea communicates directly to the owners and residents through this publication and it is full of news stories that concern the commun ity. The neighborhood of Holley by the Sea has Hidden Creek Golf Course within its boundaries. HBTS News is published 15x per year and is mailed free of charge to every homeowner and renter that resides in HBTS and appears online as it does in print and is accessible 24/7. Copies of HBTS News are also available at the HBTS Recreation Facility.
HBTS News is full color and has a readership of 12,000 online and in print monthly. See for previous issues. 


NB_news_logo_finalNavarre Beach News (NB News) is the news and information source for residents and owners of property on Navarre Beach. The Navarre Beach Leaseholder and Residents Association (NBLRA) communicate to their members and the owners directly through this niche publication. NB News is published 12x per year and is mailed to every owner regardless of their permanent address. It is also mailed to every resident on Navarre Beach. NB News appears online as it does in print and is accessible 24/7. Additional copies of NB News can be found at area attractions, condominium offices, restaurants as well as the utility offices.
NB News is full color had has a readership of 8000 online and in print monthly – and growing. See for previous issues.


NavarreBeachTherapyLogo You’ve got questions we’ve go answers with the go-to website for all things Navarre Beach. This site contains a comprehensive listing of events and questions that everyone asks about Navarre beach and the surrounding area.