Pace man charged with battery, child neglect


A Pace resident faces child neglect, kidnapping and domestic violence charges Monday, Sept. 12, after he forced his wife and 2-year-old daughter into his car and beat her on the side of the road in Pace.

According to Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office reports, Timothy McDaniels, 29, was driving a SUV at a high rate of speed when he passed a patrol vehicle on Cherry Laurel Drive. The vehicle was going fast enough that the tires came off the ground when turning.

The officer followed the vehicle onto Willard Norris Road, where a woman, the victim, was standing outside of the vehicle that had left skid marks on the road. McDaniels exited the vehicle, and the officer ordered him to show him his hands. Then the suspect ran for the woods.

The officer shouted for him to stop and pursued, but had to stop at the tree line and request back up and a k-9 unit.

He was found later that day by officers in the area.

The victim was escorted to West Florida Hospital for injuries to her body, knees and head. McDaniels 2-year-old daughter was found in the back seat of the vehicle and taken into custody by a relative.

According to the victim’s witness statement, the altercation began at their home with a fight about money. McDaniels allegedly pushed her when she was walking away which caused the abrasions to her knees. McDaniels, who had the child strapped into the victim’s car, demanded she get in the vehicle so they could go to the police station since he had “beat” her.

The victim stated she was afraid to enter the vehicle, but did as she was told because she feared he would leave with the child.

McDaniels then proceeded to drive. He asked her for directions, but she said she only knew how to get to the Department of Juvenile Justice in Milton. They arrived there, and she got out of the car and asked them where the police station was.

The victim then got back in the car and they proceeded. She said she asked McDaniels to stop numerous times to let her out, but he refused.

She said he then pulled into the back parking lot of a church and told her to get out of the car and go into the woods behind the building. He followed, leaving the child alone in the car. She stated he told her to put her hands on a tree with her back turned to him.

He then struck the tree with a tree limb causing her to cower in fear. He told her to grab the tree again and then struck her on the head with the limb. The victim said she blacked out.

When she came to, McDaniels ordered her to get back in the car and to not bleed on the seats. He drove off and at a later location demanded that she get out of the car. As she opened the door, she said McDaniels sped off at which point the officer arrived and he stopped the vehicle.

Blood was documented inside the vehicle on the passenger side seat, dashboard and door. The doctor that treated the victim stated there were many cuts and abrasions, but the head injury did not require stitches.

McDaniels is charged with domestic violence related second degree felony battery with a deadly weapon, first degree felony kidnapping, third degree felony child neglect, misdemeanor resisting arrest and misdemeanor reckless driving.

He is being held in Santa Rosa County Jail on $41,500 bond.

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