Preserving the past, moving to the future

I’ve been thinking about the Navarre Beach sign this week and the passion behind those that want to keep a part of history of our area and those that are reluctant to speak up about their thoughts on the subject.

I’ve been in this area since the mid-70s and grew up coming to Navarre Beach when we didn’t have the sign and still had a toll bridge. I was here when “Jaws” was filmed and when we had the old beach pavilion and shops on the beach. I moved away from the area and recently came back after six years in Tampa.

There were two things I said before all the sign controversy. One was we aren’t a secret anymore with all the construction and new residents in our area and the other was I’m so glad to be back, because it’s so relaxing here.

So how do you preserve the past and still move forward? How do you attempt to make two sides come together and find a resolution? As a community and leaders, we should look toward bringing people together not separating them and causing unnecessary friction or cracks in our foundation of a community.

Navarre Beach is an awesome place to live! I think we should preserve our original sign at a place on the beach that will essentially become a landmark. A place where families can take pictures to preserve their memories while they are visiting here and locals can retain their memories and past of their history here. Yet, we have to have consistency with our branding and marketing of our area. We have to move forward with our future and grow into what we want to be known for in the next generations. We were a great secret for many years, but we continue to be the most relaxing place in Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Let’s preserve our past and move forward with a cohesive marketing campaign for our future.


Stacy McLaughlin


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