The light shining through tragedy

We are in a time when our country seems so divided; racial outcries, black, white, Muslim, Christian, Atheists, whose life matters, sexism and so much more. The voices of today’s generation are all muddled by what they believe, all speaking at the same time and over everyone else’s voice. We cannot hear each other speak, we do not listen to the words nor the intent behind the words. And if we do not agree, we protest or kneel or shout in the streets. But every color has shed blood for the flag and it is what unites us under God.

And yet as divided as we are, without regard to black or white, Christian or non-Christian, Muslim or Jewish or any of the identifying discriminatory factors, we acted quickly when our country suffered the worst mass shooting in history Oct. 1 in Las Vegas. People at the scene helped those around them, whether to escape the area, get help for the injured or even to hold someone as they died. First responders rushed toward the scene to save as many lives as possible as evil shot from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel. It may have been the devil himself – and if it wasn’t he was certainly there. But God overpowered him in the end.

The next day, the lines to donate blood were five hours long as people waited to do their part to save a life. Black people stood in line, so did white people. Christians did and atheists did. Jewish people were in line. Interestingly enough, our blood doesn’t care what color our donor is. It doesn’t care if you pray or you don’t, or even how you pray. It doesn’t matter. Blood is blood is blood.

People from all over the world have donated money to do their part to support a life. Millions have been raised in a short amount of time. The people who donated didn’t specify what color people their money should help. They didn’t say “Blacks only” or “Whites only.” The money is in one big pot and not segregated.

Remember this moment, when we are one. We were the same people united after 9/11 and here we are uniting again. But what happened in between? We forget to love each other, serve each other and honor each other. If you are going to kneel, do it for the people who died in this horrible shooting. Do it for them and the families who mourn them. Do it for the injured laying in hospitals. They deserve your attention.

We have all in our own different ways united around Las Vegas –and now we say “relax, we’ve got this Vegas. Get some rest.”

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