Breaking the spirit of democracy*

All over the country we see demonstrations, walks, protests and childish political maneuvering because Donald Trump was elected president. Social media posts are even worse with name calling and other juvenile tactics. We see college students crying and in some cases rioting over the election. Celebrities refused to perform at his inauguration, some even promised to move to Canada. Sports stars are kneeling in protest to our national anthem, people are burning flags.

All of this is well within the rights of the people and those rights are protected by our constitution. And yet, just because you have the “right” to do or say something, doesn’t make it right. And it certainly doesn’t mean you should. Burning our flag displays hatred for the very country that gives you the right to burn the flag if you so desire. Kneeling during the national anthem says you don’t believe in our country and you lack pride in what we have been able to accomplish. The riots say that you have put your opinions and beliefs above everyone else’s and you have no respect for others’ property, or the businesses they have worked hard to make successful.

The active duty military in our community will be the first to tell you that they defend the freedoms that democracy gives us. Has anyone really thought about what that means? Well, it means they are here and over there fighting for our way of life, hopefully keeping the bad guys out who want to take away our freedoms. You would be naïve to think those bad guys don’t want to come and destroy our country from the inside.

We have given birth to a self-centered, welfare loving, dependent, extremely nurtured and disrespectful generation. The generation that has never been told “no” and has been taught to believe that everyone should respect you but you don’t have to respect anyone. The generation raised outside of church, raised on the premise that you can’t believe what you can’t see and taught that no one is more important than themselves.

The consequences of those teachings is what we are seeing today, a complete lack of respect. Children do not respect their parents, they do not respect authority and they do not respect the highest office of the United States of America. Why? Because they haven’t been taught to. Parents have been busy teaching their children what they are entitled to and how to get it. They have taught their children that if you don’t like something, throw a temper tantrum to get your way. Stand up for yourself regardless of who gets hurt. And none of those lessons include respect.

This generation has the potential to break the spirit of democracy which is defined as a system of government by the people, a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and by a majority rule. When we saturate democracy with these traits that is the nation we will become. Instead of a nation of integrity, we will be a nation of infighting. Instead of a nation of patriots, we will be a nation of people hating their country from the inside. Instead of a united people, we will be a people splintered by different ideologies and an unwillingness to respect the will of the majority.

Our wish for this nation is for all to compose themselves and behave in a way that garners respect from our children. A way that teaches them that you are not always going to get your way, but you must always respect each other regardless of your differences. And taught that we are a nation of one made up of many with great things left to accomplish – that other nations cannot do because they are not free.

*Editor’s Note: We do understand that we are a constitutional federal republic – a federation of states with a Representative Democracy.



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