Are we moving toward a genderless society?

It is a complex issue.  The departments of Justice and Education have issued a directive to schools that basically says a transgendered student can use the restroom of the gender they internally identify with, regardless of what their birth gender is.  They also have a right to use the changing room of that gender and if they go on an overnight trip that is school-sanctioned, they have a right to stay in rooms with the same gender they identify with.  Essentially this confuses and blurs the lines of genders.

The complexity is seen and felt when trying to explain to younger children why a boy came into the girl’s bathroom, or a girl in a boy’s bathroom, or why they chose to use a completely different bathroom.  And what of the children on a school trip like chorus or band when they travel for competition?  Will there really be a boy who identifies as a girl staying with other girls?  Or vice versa?  These are questions that parents are facing because of the Obama administration’s new policies sent down to the local level.  And there really isn’t time to figure out the answers since the policies are tied to federal funding in schools.

In addition to schools, according to a report in the Washington Post, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said recently that the Pentagon would take steps to allow transgender people to serve openly in the military, a group that is still grappling with the semantics and realities of allowing women to serve in combat roles.

Never has gender been such a confusing issue in our nation to where the president of our country steps in to issue a blanket policy to our schools.  Are these edicts destined to increase exponentially?

For example, will he do the same to the military?  Will all public places be forced to either allow transgender people into the restroom of their choosing or the sex they identify with?  It’s hard to believe but the way things are going, we will probably just have a genderless restroom for everyone to use – at the expense of our privacy.

What else does it affect?  How about boys’ and girls’ sports teams?  Title IX now includes a statement that a boy who identifies himself as a girl shall be allowed to play for a girls’ sports team.  Same for girls who think of themselves as a boy.  They will be allowed to play for a boys’ team.  At what point will they mandate that we have a genderless sports team regardless of the pre-existing physical strength imbalances and additional wins, losses this will prompt?

Again, it is a complex issue with far-reaching consequences.  And the issue involves more than gender.  It involves the federal government reaching down into local schools to dictate policy best made by parents and district administrators at a local level, levying bait-and-switch threats.  It is really more about the overreach of federal government.  Our superintendent was absolutely on point when he said “they need to stand back and stand down.”

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