May is Military Appreciation Month

In 1999, congress declared May would be National Military Appreciation Month so the citizens of our country could publicly thank everyone who puts on the uniform of their branch of service.

Navarre Press would like to thank each of you who serves our country. You do so quietly, humbly and with great integrity. Those who have never worn the uniform or saluted the flag may not understand why you serve, and yet the answer lies within you. This volunteer service is not for everyone, and the uniform doesn’t fit just anyone. The structured lifestyle, submission to duty and the risk of being called away in a moment’s notice to face grave dangers is something that not everyone has in them. Yet, you do. Whether you are carrying on a long family history of military service, or seeking service above self your service speaks for itself. Thank you.

We recognize all that you have missed during your time in. Maybe it was a few holidays, Christmas at home, special birthdays, the birth of your child or even your child’s first birthday. Perhaps things of great importance were happening at home and you couldn’t be there to help. Over the deployments your spouse has learned how to manage life, the house and children while you are away, which is most of the time, and then welcome you home and help you integrate back into  a routine with the family. The spouses deserve our respect, admiration and thanks.

Your family and you have sacrificed so much so that we may enjoy our freedoms. We say that but what does that mean? We walk around in a free society where we elect our officials and our votes count. We participate in our successes and failures as a society; it isn’t decided for us. We are present at the births of our children and at holidays which we celebrate freely without fear of retribution. We worship  publicly in churches – we don’t have to hide to pray or pretend that we don’t practice our religion. Women can lead empowering lives and lead others, subject only to ourselves and the same laws that pertain to everyone.  It means we still live our lives day to day while you spend yours protecting us from the evils of the world.  You ensure our future. Thank you.

We are proud you chose to serve and proud that you are part of our community. Your bring us a great deal of pride and I believe we are pretty good at showing you what you mean to us.  And when tragedy strikes you, it strikes all of us. We gather around you and support you.  You invest your money here in our local shops and support our schools. You invest yourselves as you coach little league, volunteer your time and help your neighbors. Without you, our economy would not be as strong as it is, our schools would not be as awesome as they are and the nature of our community would forever change. Thank you.

Please mark your calendar for Saturday, May 13, from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. when the Navarre Beach Area Chamber of Commerce’s Military Affairs Committee welcomes you for a military appreciation picnic in Navarre Park. It will be an awesome family day with music, games and free food for DOD cardholders.  It’s a big thank you from the entire Navarre community. You deserve it!

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