Make the hive your home at BeeHive Homes

Bees are among the most cooperative, social creatures on earth and the beehive supports everyone who lives there. That’s exactly why BeeHive Homes borrowed the bee philosophy to reflect their loving home experience in their assisted living residential setting.

Their mission is to provide the highest quality care for the elderly in a respectful and dignified manner.

Located at 4702 Gulf Breeze Parkway, BeeHive Homes of Gulf Breeze assisted living facility is a proud member of the Florida Assisted Living Association (FALA).

Did you know that BeeHive Homes of Gulf Breeze has the highest staff to resident ratio in the Florida Panhandle?

The amenities offered at BeeHive are endless. From an in-house salon to get your hair done to a screened-in patio and outdoor deck with a beautiful pond view, BeeHive Homes will not disappoint. Home-cooked, dietician-approved meals are served daily, and you can even bring your own furnishings to make for a more at-home feel in your bedroom.

The Hive owners, Ben Schladenhauffen and Kevin Gallagher, are veterans of the first Gulf War and fought in Desert Storm together as fighter pilots. Their veteran connection brought them together to open BeeHive Homes of Gulf Breeze in 2015.

“In our military careers, we did our job to take care of the nation, doing the nation’s business, and now we’re returning that for taking care of the people in this facility,” Gallagher said.

These two are transferring the selfless care they learned in the military to helping care for their residents at BeeHive.

“We definitely love our veterans, and we want to bring that same quality of care to this business,” Schladenhauffen said.

Schladenhauffen got the idea of opening an assisted living community with his veteran friend when somebody brought his attention to converting residential homes to assisted living homes.

When Schladenhauffen went to check out the assisted living homes he saw residents not receiving proper care, even in some of the higher-end places, and it upset him.

“Some people were actually in pain and things like that were really rough to see,” he said.

Schladenhauffen thought to himself, “We can do this, and we can just do a much better job of taking care of these people. That’s what they deserve.”

The Hive owners liked the idea of building the home in a small, residential setting to create more of a tight-knit community instead of big buildings where people could easily get lost.

“We run this thing to take care of the residents and not be so focused on the bottom line,” Schladenhauffen said. “Because most are corporately owned, ours is different.”

BeeHive Homes of Gulf Breeze is privately owned, and the owners decided success “would happen if we took really good care of our residents. And that’s why we try to have good food, beautiful homes, nursing staff and a family atmosphere.”

In this uncertain time of a pandemic, BeeHive is adapting to allow families to communicate with their residents through FaceTime video calls and window visits.

One of the things that BeeHive stresses most is quality of life.

“It’s not necessarily to just indefinitely extend life, that’s not what people typically want,” Schladenhauffen said. “If that’s what you want, we certainly want to help you with that, because we’ve had people in hospice for a year and a half. They’re going to get the best care no matter what, but they really want quality of life.”

BeeHive staff take their residents out and about and allow them to live their life to the fullest. Residents go out once a week, either to a movie, a restaurant, the grocery store or a fun activity.

“We want them to live their life. The last chapters don’t have to be terrible. That’s what we’re all about,” he said.

In the future, BeeHive plans to expand to in home care, providing excellent caregivers to families that need assistance with their loved one in the home.

The BeeHive family can’t wait to show you the hive! Call today to schedule a tour with your loved one.

BeeHive Homes of Gulf Breeze

4702 Gulf Breeze Parkway

Gulf Breeze, FL, 32563

(850) 688-9919


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