Team Bullish gets the boot on day 3


Latest from Team Bullish in the form of a metaphor.

“It all started when a wonderful woman in Kolding took us under her wing like she was a mother hen providing us, and another team from Spain, with a warm room, a shower, and a nice glass of water. Then, riding the high, we tried to get some air under our wings and try to fly. We ended up at bar where we traded redbull for beer and celebrated a guys 19th birthday with him. We were soaring at this point and nothing could take the wind from beneath our wings. But shortly upon return to our nest the angry farmer who rules over all these hens brought his crushing boot down upon us. And now the plush nest we were once in has now turned into a glass and cement hut on a platform of a train station where we hope security does not kick us out. I hope you have enjoyed this metaphor more than we enjoyed living it. But hey, at least we got a cool picture out of it…”

The team has hit another checkpoint. Good luck, and stay warm guys.

Rank: 83 of 200

Cans traded: 48

Adventure Points: 23,000

Countries reached: 2

The Challenge

Two Navarre graduates, Skyler Singleton and Brennon Williamson, and their friend Alexis Swartz are competing in the adventure of a lifetime: the Can You Make It? Red Bull Challenge. The trio have been tasked with traveling across Europe completing wacky and wonderful tasks, hitting up checkpoints and experiencing new places in a “race” to Amsterdam over seven days.

The catch? Red Bull is their only currency. Good luck Team Bullish!

Want to support Team Bullish? The trio gain social points when their stuff gets shared to Facebook and Twitter. Go to the Team Bullish page to share their posts and track their progress.

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