Team Bullish breezes through day 1

Stockholm is in their dust. Navarre’s adventurous trio known as Team Bullish has wrapped up the first day of the Can You Make It? Red Bull Challenge covering more than 127 miles.

While on one of their bus rides the team challenged another team to a “don’t laugh challenge” where they took turns telling corny jokes in the hopes of making their competitors giggle or crack a smile with competition points on the line.

They secured victory with a truly terrible word play joke about deer. Check out the video on our Facebook page.

Thus far the team has traded cans of Red Bull for bus tickets and a train ride. Their adventures have included learning axe throwing, bartering with a mom of four to allow her little ones to drink two Red Bulls a piece and hugging a random stranger for a solid minute while their teammates acted a fool (good job Skyler Singleton).

They depart again at 2 a.m. tomorrow.

Rank: 43 of 200

Cans traded: 18

Adventure Points: 12,600

Countries reached: 1

The Challenge

Two Navarre graduates, Skyler Singleton and Brennon Williamson, and their friend Alexis Swartz are competing in the adventure of a lifetime: the Can You Make It? Red Bull Challeng. The trio have been tasked with traveling across Europe completing wacky and wonderful tasks, hitting up checkpoints and experiencing new places in a “race” to Amsterdam over seven days.

The catch? Red Bull is their only currency. Good luck Team Bullish!

Want to support Team Bullish? The trio gain social points when their stuff gets shared to Facebook and Twitter. Go to the Team Bullish page to share their posts and track their progress.

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