Sleep problems in children are often overlooked

Devin Rising was in third grade when he learned apnea was the reason he was struggling to sleep at night.

The diagnosis surprised the Tate freshman, who had a sleep study done and now uses a C-Pap machine, which has done wonders for his sleep

“I didn’t know I actually had a problem. You just get used to it and think it’s normal that you can’t sleep well,” Rising said.

Rising’s brother, Brady, has a sleep problem as well. He struggled with falling asleep and staying asleep, in part because of the ADHD medicine he was taking and finally had the issue diagnosed last year when he had a sleep study done.

“It was taking me about two hours to fall asleep, so that’s two hours of sitting in bed and doing nothing,” Brady said. “I would only get one or two hours of sleep at night and be exhausted all day. I never fell asleep at school, though, because of my medication. I was totally out of it all day.”

As Dr. Sonia A. Smith of the Emerald Coast Pediatric Sleep Consultants puts it, “Brady looked like the walking dead.”

Smith opened the clinic in Gulf Breeze in June of 2015 and said Devin and Brady are examples of why she is involved in this aspect of the medical field. She also points out that the problems that Devin and Brady have dealt with aren’t uncommon among children.

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