Q&A Meet the candidates for District 2 and 4 County Commissioner

What motivated you to run, and what will your top priority be?

“Being a small business owner in Santa Rosa County, there have been many hurdles. It should not be so difficult to open and operate a small business in Santa Rosa County. We need to become small business friendlier. I am running because I believe in term limits. Incumbents become comfortable in their position and over time tend to move away from seeking input from a diverse group of constituents and instead look to like-minded individuals. A female presence on this board is much needed. To listen to constituents and work with the other board members as a team to find difficult common-sense solutions.”- Tammy Jo Brown, Candidate for District 2


“My motivation to run is to continue the work that we have started over the last four years as a board. Top priority will of course be seeing through the construction of a new courthouse, several of the drainage projects that are very important to the south end of the county and all areas of the county, continuing to work on our roads and infrastructure, putting jobs in our industrial parks and working with our existing businesses to help them create new jobs and expand.” – Bob Cole, Candidate for District 2



“My motivation for running was being a lead person in working on protecting local aquifers which supply public drinking water to Holley, Navarre, Gulf Breeze, Midway and East Milton.  My work securing a $25,000 grant for a geospatial analysis which confirmed that our aquifers should be protected from industry such as Construction and Demolition Landfills.  As a result of this study, I worked with county and public to develop an ordinance which now protects our drinking water sources.  I attended many BOCC meetings during this endeavor, saw decisions being made, wanted to be part of the process.” – Wallis Mahute, Candidate for District 2



“Serving God, my country, my family, and many of the youth in our area, whether teaching, mentoring, or coaching, I still feel an urgent call to make an even bigger impact in our community. I want to make Santa Rosa County an even greater place to live and work, as well as an extremely inviting place to visit. I am extremely passionate and dedicated to improving our county’s future success. I believe that my experiences with leadership and involvement with non-profit organizations, management and organization of basketball tournaments, and background in information technology, all provide me with a well-rounded and knowledgeable perspective that could greatly benefit our county. Top priority is economic development.” – Kris Long, Candidate for District 2


“I have always had a deep desire to serve, and since moving to the area in 2013, I wanted to put my education and leadership experience to work for the community we now call “home”.  As I transitioned from an active duty commuter to a retired public servant, I began to research the issues and talk to residents who saw what I saw: a community that must focus on sensible growth while improving infrastructure and solving traffic issues. My top priority will be to ensure that the plans for Santa Rosa County complement development, economic growth, and quality of life.” – Dave Piech, Candidate for District 4



After multiple attempts to contact candidate Rob Williamson by phone and email, the Navarre Press was unable to obtain the answers to these questions. Williamson will be seeking reelection on the Aug. 28 primary ballot.






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