Q&A Meet the candidates for District 1 U.S. House of Representatives

What motivated you to run, and what will your top priority be?

“I love my country but have been disappointed with leadership that led us into wars without commitment to fight and win.  I have been dismayed in a government that colluded with big banks and credit rating agencies that crushed our citizens and small business by pursuing unfettered greed. I am tired of the Swamp. I support President Trump and want to assist his valiant efforts to secure our nation’s defense militarily and economically. I have a resume of life experiences that represent the hard working, patriotic, faithful families of Northwest Florida.” – Cris Dosev



“Congress is broken. Rather than repairing it, our representative Matt Gaetz amplifies chaos and division. I’m standing up to fight for the people in Northwest Florida and against Washington chaos, all to uphold our Constitution and step toward unity. We need a revival in Congress, so it functions as advertised—the first of three equal branches of the people’s government. My first priority is to elect fresh, new leadership in the House of Representatives so that it begins to solve Northwest Florida’s top priorities—more good-paying jobs, affordable healthcare, good public schools, guaranteed Social Security and Medicare and environmental stewardship.” – Phil Ehr




“I didn’t run in 2016 because I wanted to go to Washington, I ran because we can’t trust Washington. Since my election, I’m proud to have secured over $70 million in additional funding for our military mission, helped pass a bill allowing bad VA employees to be fired, helped pass tax reform, and defended our President daily. My top priority will be to continue fighting for our military mission and improving quality of treatment for veterans at the VA. I’m proud to be called President Trump’s “ultimate defender” in Congress, and I’ll keep fighting for him every day.” – Matt Gaetz




“As a U.S. Navy pilot, I took an oath to serve America and I remember it well. I swore to defend and uphold the Constitution of United States. It was my duty and honor to do so. In running for U.S. Congress, my interest is the same; to serve and uphold the principals that we hold dear. With the politics of division and envy straying so far from adherence with our Constitution these past few years, I felt compelled to once again to serve in this exceptional place we call America; a unique place built on an idea of government for the people, by the people, and of the people. My hope is that we can rediscover her greatness in the days ahead as I hold true to the promise and carry the message of freedom, rule of law, and prosperity to Washington; values that once defined us. My military experience, proven leadership, and willingness to defend our Constitutional republic makes me your best choice to represent you in Congress. Together we can make a difference in America.” – John Mills



“I decided to run for Congress because I felt the need for change; a voice of reason, decency and common sense.  We cannot succeed as a nation if we do not work together. Using fear to motivate people to hate each other only leads to more chaos. I will work very hard with other members of congress to support legislation that provides Healthcare to all Americans. No American should die or declare bankruptcy due to inability to obtain medical care. A healthy population is more productive at work and healthy kids can go to school and learn.” – Jennifer Zimmerman




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