Kohl has special challenges and needs encouraging family

Kohl is a very sweet young man with some big challenges.  He has Autism and some significant cognitive delays.   His speech is somewhat delayed and he is working on about first and second grade level in most areas although he is enrolled in a 7th grade special class.  He receives weekly language therapy and several other specialized services.  He can read at least 67 “sight words” and can write his name and copy information from the board.  He can count to 100 and recognizes his numbers.   His teacher has described him as a “most compliant child who readily answers questions and encourages other students.”     His behavior in school is excellent and he does not have any behavior problems at home or at school.  He’s a follower but likes to be by himself most of the time.  He likes to watch TV and work on the computer or play video games.  He also loves working with clay.  Kohl has three siblings who are being adopted separately and he needs a family that will support his continuing contacts with them.  Kohl  really is a delightful young man who will likely need support for his entire life.  He has he has a lot of potential to do a lot of things himself and he just needs a special adoptive family to help him achieve these things.  Kohl was born in July 2003.

There are more than 500 children in temporary foster homes in Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa and Walton counties.  They have been abused, neglected or abandoned.  While some may eventually return to their birth families, the rest will need adoptive families. 

FamiliesFirst Network is a community-based care agency that provides foster care and adoption services for children and families in the Northwest Florida area from Escambia County east to Walton County. 

Families interested in adoption can contact FamiliesFirst Network at 1-866-313-9874 in Pensacola.


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